Patricia Goùvea

Patricia Goùvea was born in 1973 in Rio de Janeiro. Visual artist and researcher, works with photography, video, film, installation and urban intervention. Her work as an artist prioritizes moving photography and images and their potential interfaces, where the notion of time is one of the main pillars of her research, based on reflections on body, nature, environmental destruction and the erasures of memory operated by "official histories".

PhD student in Contemporary Arts Studies (PPGCA/UFF), she is Master in Communication and Culture in the line of Communication Technologies and Image Aesthetics (ECO/UFRJ), Specialist in Photography and Social Sciences (UCAM/RJ) and Graduate in Social Communication (ECO /UFRJ).

From 2005 to 2009 she was a member of the Grupo DOC (Desordem Obssessiva Compulsiva) collective, which promoted scores of actions in Brazil and abroad. She has published the books “Membranas de Luz: os tempos na imagem contemporânea” [Membranes of Light: times in contemporary imagery] (2011, Azougue Editorial), "Imagens Posteriores" [Posterior Images] (2012, Réptil Editora), "Banco de Tempo" [Benches of Time] (2014, in partnership with artist Isabel Löfgren, edited by the authors), Mãe Preta [Black Mother] (2018, in partnership with artist Isabel Löfgren, Frida Projetos Culturais) and Fenda (2019, a "book-object"in partnership with Olho de Gato Editora) and participated in many others.

She had her first individual art show in Rio de Janeiro in 2003. Since then, she has had other individual exhibits and has participated in collective exhibitions in Brazil, China, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Italy and Sweden. Her individual shows took place in China, in Brazil, in Colombia, in Italy and Argentina. In partnership with artist Isabel Löfgren she developed the long term reserches Banco de Tempo/Benches of Time (exhibition, website and independent book) and Mãe Preta/Black Mother (exhibition, website and publication). Her works belong to private and public collections as Joaquim Paiva/MAM Collection, National Museum of Fine Artes from Rio de Janeiro and MAR - Museu de Arte do Rio.

She was one of the founders of "Agência Foto In Cena" (1995/98) and Ateliê da Imagem (1999/2019), an independent cultural space that trained 2 generations of photographers and stood out as a center for research, teaching and image promotion in Rio de Janeiro, where she acted as artistic and pedagogical director, coordinator and curator of more than 70 exhibitions, seminars and events.