Planícies Ressonantes

30 June - 10 September 2022

Two artists do not encounter by chance. Besides the points of intersection, it must happen in the rightmoment. The exhibition Planícies Ressonantes, by Daniel Mattar and Dudu Garcia, which Brisa Galeriais now exhibiting, is such a case. Where time, a theme that permeates the work of the two artists, is theguiding thread for the execution of the artworks.


The time of Dudu Garcia, represented in his large surfaces, which carry unexpected materials such as coal, stone dust, dust, rubber and slime. Layers and layers, which build and crumble, revealing beautiful abstractshapes. Dense paintings that speak of the passage of time, erosion, the impermanence of life. Since 2001,the artist has been developing his research about deconstruction, revealing us what exists behind the dense layers of matter, referring us to walls, to what we do not see, to the essence of painting or what remains after it fades away. A work of creation and chance, where matter determines the result.


Daniel Mattar's time, who for the first time works with two dimensions of time. The moment when he photographs the surface where the microcosm he created is and, the second moment, when he applies assertive layers of matter after the finished image. The result plays with the observer's eye, it is not knownwhere the photograph ends, and the painting begins. Daniel, originally a photographer, is now experiencing a new moment, presenting sculptural works in this exhibition. The volumes that previously seemed to jump out of his images, evolved and now appear in twisted aluminum sheets to give even more body to the work.


Dudu Garcia, born in Rio de Janeiro, participates for the first time in an exhibition in Portugal, meanwhile, Daniel Mattar, a carioca who lives in Lisbon, transcends photography, and presents sculptures. The dialog displayed in Planícies Ressonantes happens at the exact time. Time for new beginnings for both.



Roberta Ristow
Lisbon, 2022.