Daniel Mattar

Daniel Mattar was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1971. He studied art

and design at PUC Rio.


His research in photography began in Tokyo, Japan, where he lived and

worked in the nineties.


For twenty-five years that photography is his form of expression,

He has travelled through various fields such as fashion, portraits and documentaries.


Daniel's work is full of paradoxes: the technological camera to the intuitive gesture with the oil paint. 

In his research, Daniel develops dialogues through photography that show multiple three dimensions on two-dimensional planes. Through the use of oil paints and/or mineral pigments, the artist composes his images by intervening on small areas of packaging, book images, ink cartridges, photos from personal files and several other surfaces related to image reproduction. Once finished, his micro-spaces are immediately photographed at the height of freshness of the paints and then printed in large-scale works, establishing a vast dimensional vocabulary of volumes and colours.


Daniel holds individual and collective exhibitions since 1988, including the Rio de Janeiro Modern Art Museum (MAM-RJ), the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center (CCBB) and the Sergio Porto Cultural Space.


His works are in important private collections in Brazil, EUA, Europe and Asia.


Today he lives in Lisbon, Portugal, where he develops his artistic work.







Group exhibition "Pedágio de mim",

"Not A Museum" Artspace , Lisbon - Portugal.


Group exhibition "Terra Estrangeira",

Tryzy Gallery , Lisbon - Portugal.


Group exhibition "Entre a Água e a Terra",

Brisa Galeria, Lisbon - Portugal.


Site especific - ArtRio

Solo show, Marcia Barrozzo do Amaral Both ,Rio de Janeiro - Brazil


Solo exhibition "Polaroids".

"Artsy " digital platform




Group exhibition "Natureza Alterada",

Brisa Galeria, Lisbon - Portugal.


Solo exhibition "Vista Aérea".

"Artsy " digital platform


Group exhibition "Arte Brasileira",

Galeria Sá da Costa, Lisbon - Portugal.





Solo exhibition "Photo Drawings". 

Brisa Galeria, Lisbon - Portugal.


Group exhibition "PRAIA", 

Galeria da Gavea, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.


Group exhibition "Imprecisão Azul",

 Brisa Galeria, Lisbon - Portugal.


Group exhibition "Galaxies",

Espace L gallery, Geneva - Switzerland


Release of the Artist Book "4 centimetres"- UQ editions


Group exhibition "UQ editions", Brisa Galeria, Lisbon - Portugal.





Solo exhibition "Pigmento".

Brisa Galeria, Lisbon - Portugal.


Solo exhibition "RISE".

Brisa Galeria, Lisbon - Portugal.





Group exhibition Arte Core serie "Simulacro" .

Museu de arte moderna (MAM), Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.





Velt Gallery Project serie "Cirúrgicos".

Antiga Fabrica da Bhering ,Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.


Group exhibition "Atemporal" serie "Cirúrgicos" ,Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.





Solo exhibition "Simulacro".

Centro Cultural Sergio Porto ,Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.


Solo exhibition "Janela Glacial".

Shopping Leblon , Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.





Group exhibition "Nippon". Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB) ,

Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia - Brazil





Solo exhibition "Inventario#01".

Centro Cultural Oduvaldo Viana Filho , Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.





Group exhibition , III Bienal de Santos,São Paulo-Brazil


Solo exhibition "TOKYO" .

Espaço Mario Quintana,Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil


Solo exhibition "Homenagem a Marcio Mattar" .

Museu de Arte Moderna (MAM),Rio de Janeiro - Brazil


Solo exhibition "Longe do cais" .

Iate Clube, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil


Solo exhibition "TOKYO" .

Manch Café Galeria , Rio de Janeiro - Brazil





Group exhibition " New paintings" .

Tríade gallery, Rio de Janeiro-Brazil